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Chance the Rapper Bought You a Day’s Worth of Get Out Showings at a Chicago Movie Theater

Chance the Rapper. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Like 100 percent of anybody who’s anybody, Chance the Rapper loves Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Chance tweeted his review, calling it the “BEST FILM ACROSS ANY GENRE IN A WHILE” (sic). But not content simply to tell a captive audience of his love for the horror movie, Chance is showing it with a big gesture. The artist revealed that he bought all of the tickets to every Sunday showing of Get Out at Chicago’s Chatham 14 theater. Oh, and he’s giving them to you, if you just so happen to be one of the patrons who turns up. “I bought all the tickets to #GetOut at Chatham Theatre on 87th Just pull up with ID and enjoy the movie,” he instructed. His gesture even got Twista to offer the same for a future film. All in all, a touch more effective film advocacy than your crazed, effusive rantings, huh?

Chance the Rapper Bought You a Day of Get Out Showings