Chance the Rapper’s ‘Same Drugs’ Video Transports Him to the World of Sesame Street, Where He Belongs

If there’s one human we’d love to see morph into a puppet, it’s Chance the Rapper. Think he spreads effortless joy now? Just imagine him guesting on Sesame Street, teaching your kids their ABCs from inside a Big Bird suit. His video for “Same Drugs” doesn’t go that far, but its imagination runs wild enough to have him duet with another muppet of his own creation. If you’ve caught his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, you’ve seen her before. Girl can sing! The video, which premiered on Facebook Live (despite tech companies allegedly telling him it couldn’t be done), is essentially a re-creation of that tour performance, with a warm and fuzzy bonus ending that makes it all come full circle. Jim Henson, watch out.

Chance the Rapper Sings With Puppets in ‘Same Drugs’ Video