Check Out Mark Proksch and Jason Woliner’s Unaired 2013 Pilot ‘Good Morning Tri-State’

Back in 2013, Mark Proksch and Jason Woliner teamed up to create a half-hour pilot called Good Morning Tri-State, and while the project never made it to television, Proksch and Woliner released the full pilot online today so we can see what could’ve been. Proksch starred in the pilot as Toby Dean, a local morning show host who appears to have a strange obsession with Morgan Freeman, the movie Swordfish, and using Good Morning Tri-State to spiral into pretty unflattering rants about his personal life. Here’s what Woliner, who directed the pilot, told us about the show:

This is a pilot we made a few years ago that almost no one has seen - it’s a fake morning show called Good Morning Tri-State. Mark plays host “Toby Dean” and everyone else on the show is a real person who is under the impression that it is a real morning show. If it had gone forward, we were planning to try and follow a bunch of storylines through the season while staying in the fake show/real people format and have a different co-host each week.

It’s a shame that Good Morning Tri-State never made it to television, but at least the never-before-seen pilot is now available. Check out the full episode above.

Check Out Mark Proksch and Jason Woliner’s Unaired […]