Check Out Samantha Bee’s Interview with Civil Rights Lawyer and ‘Freedom Nerd’ Lee Gelernt

Here’s a great clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee heads back to the SoulCycle bunker to chat with ACLU civil rights attorney Lee Gelernt, who was one of many lawyers who worked tirelessly over the weekend trying to help travelers who were detained due to Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban, which ultimately led to a federal judge issuing a stay on the executive order. “It feels like they’ve overstepped so far that even when they step back they’re still way off the cliff,” Bee points out. “Mm-hm,” Gelernt says, “and that may be their strategy. Even the pushback keeps us well beyond anything any other administration has ever done. And they are pushing the limits of the Constitution beyond the breaking point.” Considering how prophetic Bee’s last bunker chat with Masha Gessen is turning out to be so far, hopefully we can bank on this theory from Bee: “What are the odds that this is really just a last-ditch effort to avoid actually being president? Because I really feel like he is sprinting toward impeachment here.”

Check Out Samantha Bee’s Interview with Civil Rights […]