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Stephen Colbert Says ‘Never Fjorget’ the Swedes Not Hurt in Nonexistent Terrorism Incident

In the new world order, where new nonexistent terrorist attacks are being reported by important members of America’s executive branch regularly, Stephen Colbert wants to teach his viewers how to heal and how to remember the non-victims who never suffered. Last weekend, during a campaign-style rally in Florida, President Trump mentioned a nonexistent terrorism incident in Sweden. While it was revealed that the president was conflating a Fox News story he had seen about immigration in Sweden with an actual incident, Colbert was still ready to mourn for all those not hurt by terrorists. Just as the Late Show host hoped to get answers for the Bowling Green Massacre, an attack that never happened and was sensationalized by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, Colbert taught his viewers to “Never Fjorget” those beloved Swedes who were in no way affected by the terrorism that didn’t happen, despite what the president said.

Colbert Says ‘Never Fjorget’ Fake Swedish Terrorism Incident