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Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Celebrates the Oscars Achieving ‘Peak Blackness’

According to The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr., Sunday’s significantly blacker Academy Awards was not the sole cause of the nation’s current state of Peak Blackness, but rather one star in a constellation of blackness, a star that shines just as brightly as Beyoncé’s pregnancy, Remy Ma’s Nicki Minaj diss track, and, of course, Frederick Douglass’s recent resurrection from the land of the dead. Sadly, Peak Blackness is a rare and delicate solstice, one that can be abruptly ended at any moment should a well-meaning white co-worker try to … ah, yeah, sorry, it’s over. Hopefully when the Emmys roll back around?

Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr Celebrates Oscars’ ‘Peak Blackness’