oscars 2017

Only Denzel Washington Marrying a Couple Could Save Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Star-Tours Bit

No matter if it’s the Oscars, late night, or Matt Damon’s worst nightmare, the only thing in life you can count on is Jimmy Kimmel taking unsuspecting civilians off the street and exploiting them for the purposes of going viral. Filling many minutes of his hosting duties, Kimmel kidnapped a bus of tourists hoping to see famed Hollywood costumes, transported them instead to the Oscars, turned off all the lights, and brought a bunch of moms armed with selfie sticks face-to-face with Meryl Streep. To the shock of no one but Kimmel, the tourists seemed unimpressed. Enter: Denzel Washington, Gary From Chicago’s fiancée’s favorite actor, there to save yet another day and officiate the newly internet-famous couple’s faux wedding on live TV. His best performance yet.

Denzel Washington ‘Married’ a Couple During the Oscars