DJ Khaled on Trump’s Travel Ban: ‘I’m Too Positive to Think This Will Happen to Us’

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Billboard

Producer DJ Khaled may be known for his motivational words and inspirational Snapchats, but the rap mogul and Muslim-American recognizes the harsh realities facing people around the world. While his parents’ native Palestine wasn’t targeted by President Trump’s travel ban, the New Orleans–born Miami resident understands that he’s not totally in the clear. “It hasn’t affected me [yet],” the artist said at the Billboard Power 100 party in Los Angeles last night. “But I have family that it can affect. I’m too positive to think this will happen to us. I’m about expressing love — every color, every shape, every city, every country. What is going on in the world right now, what I’m watching is that everyone is coming together. Love wins all the time. So I’m not thinking anything but love, you know what I’m saying?”

Of course, this message stays true to Khaled’s optimistic brand, but what does he think about the policies of President Trump? “When we come together we’re the strongest people ever. Love is the answer. I recommend any leader to lead with love, you know what I mean? Anybody who is going through hard times right now, I am praying for them — especially my people.” Here’s hoping Khaled’s infant son further addresses these issues as he executive produces Khaled’s new album.

DJ Khaled on Trump: ‘Love Wins All the Time’