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Dr. Ken’s Season Finale Will Feature a Really Meta Community Reunion With Dan Harmon

Photo: NBC

Rejoice, Human Beings, because things on the Dr. Ken season finale are about to get pretty meta. The upcoming episode of the ABC sitcom — which stars Community alum Ken Jeong as a delightfully narcissistic doctor — will feature Community creator Dan Harmon as a guest star. But while Harmon’s appearance is enough to make Community fans gleefully shout “Inspector Spacetime!” in thanks, it’s the premise of his arrival that makes it all the more appealing. In the episode, Harmon will be playing himself as “the creator of a new TV comedy set at a community college.” He sees Jeong’s character perform stand-up at an open mic and “invites him to audition for a part on his show — with blissfully little idea what he’s getting himself into.” Does the role call for a Spanish professor with false credentials? Who knows! Will he develop Changnesia as a result? Potentially! There’s only one thing we can think of at this point, besides the March 31 air date: Go Greendale, go Greendale, go.

Dr. Ken’s Season Finale Will Feature a Community Reunion