Drake Offers to Refund Fans After Travis Scott Falls and Breaks Part of His Stage

Boy breaks world.

Some people take a spill and shake it off, pretending it never happened. Travis Scott falls and it’s cause for a mid-concert crisis. During a surprise appearance at Drake’s Boy Meets World tour in London on Wednesday night, Travis Scott got a little too carried away with his “it’s lit!” mantra and crashed through a trapdoor in the center of the stage. It would have simply been an embarrassing addition to the concert fall highlight reel — in good company with Iggy Azalea, the Edge, and Harry Styles — were it not for his landing spot: He fell on top of Drake’s giant globe lighting fixture that closes out the show, essentially breaking the star set piece of Drake’s whole tour. And because fans paid to get the full scope of their boy’s world, Drake is offering a refund for the mishap, telling concertgoers “I’m doing this shit for free.” Travis Scott: Just a boy meeting the world way too up close.

Travis Scott Fell Through a Hole in Drake’s Stage