E! to Take Up Sweet But Exhaustive Task of Adapting Teen Cult Classic Jawbreaker Into TV Series

Jawbreaker. Photo: Tristar Pictures.

Those still licking their wounds over the empty promise of a Cruel Intentions TV series can find solace in the potential adaptation of a fellow 1999 teen movie, one with innocent intentions but some plenty cruel consequences: E! is working on bringing Jawbreaker to the small screen. Per Deadline, Darren Stein — who made Jawbreaker and is God — will oversee the adaptation, co-writing and executive-producing it with George Northy (G.B.F.). A potential basis for qualms? While the movie follows a high-school clique as they accidentally kill one of their own, the TV series seems to be aging things up a bit, setting the death at a bachelorette party instead. Tsk, tsk, E!. Everybody knows that pulling focus from the bride is bad form.

E! to Adapt Teen Cult Classic Jawbreaker Into TV Series