Foo Fighters Aren’t Breaking Up, and the Proof Is in a Surprise Livestreamed Concert and a Glastonbury Do Over

When any band goes on an indefinite hiatus, it’s usually code for “we are never ever getting back together.” But Foo Fighters are here to prove the naysayers wrong by officially ending their two-year hiatus in grand fashion. They’re going to finally headline Glastonbury — as will Radiohead — after Dave Grohl’s broken leg forced them out of the job in 2015. Now back to being spry, Grohl is ready for a do over. And for their warm-up, Foo Fighters have reunited for an impromptu intimate show in England that’s being livestreamed right now. Like, right this second. Double surprise! We’d tell them to break a leg, but, uh …

Foo Fighters Reunite, Will Finally Headline Glastonbury