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Frank Ocean’s Dad Reportedly Suing Him for $14.5 Million

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for TIME

Frank Ocean’s dad, Calvin Cooksey, is claiming that his son’s use of “defamatory” language about him resulted in substantial financial losses. Last year, Ocean recounted a story from his childhood in which he recalled his dad using the term “faggot” to describe a trans person. The anecdote was posted to Ocean’s Tumblr, and according to TMZ, Cooksey is suing his son for $14.5 million to recuperate money from all the professional opportunities Ocean’s remarks directly cost him. Cooksey — who is a self-described “singer, writer, and inventor” — seems to have a hair trigger, though, when it comes to pursuing legal recourse for massive financial gain. In 2014 he sued Russell Simmons for $142 million, claiming that the hip-hop mogul disparaged the quality of Cooksey’s parenting, which cost him future income. Lots and lots of future income. It’s hard to believe that Simmons would have anything negative to say.

Frank Ocean’s Dad Reportedly Suing Him for $14 Million