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Friday the 13th Reboot Slashed From October’s Horror-Movie Lineup

Photo: John P. Johnson/John P. Johnson/IMDB

Paramount has reportedly taken out the machete and cut the Friday the 13th reboot from its production schedule. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio decided to shut down the update to the 1980 horror classic following Rings’ disappointing box-office numbers and less-than-stellar reviews. While it’s true that the Ring sequel certainly underperformed compared to the original’s massive success, and independent horror films with new monsters and villains might drum up more attention, this seems a bit short-sighted. After all, this reboot was set to land in theaters in October 2017 on an actual Friday the 13th. The next time Jason Voorhes will have such a serendipitous October to scare us will be in 2023. Which is fine, because he can’t die, but still. It’s a long wait.

Friday the 13th Reboot Slashed From October Horror Lineup