Gina Torres’s Impeccable Jessica Pearson Side-Eye May Return With Potential Suits Spinoff

Suits. Photo: USA Network

Gina Torres’s Jessica Pearson and her pristine collection of polished businesswear are the best parts of Suits, which is why it was a massive bummer when Gina Torres left Suits last year. But what was an unwelcome exit may turn out to have been a characteristically brilliant strategic move by the cool-headed shark, as TV Line reports that USA is working on a Jessica Pearson spinoff. Torres left the show after its fifth season, with Jessica walking away from the New York City law firm she founded to pursue a life in Chicago. At the time, Torres explained her decision as stemming from the distance between the show’s shooting location in Toronto and her family in L.A., and the talk of a spinoff seems to confirm that. There’s no clear conceit for the show, but Deadline reports Suits creator Aaron Korsh would likely take on script duties, so expect plenty of clipped shouting and thinly veiled contempt. The long arm of the law strikes again, this time like a big, warm hug.

Gina Torres’s Side-Eye May Return in Suits Spinoff