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Katy Perry Pays Homage to Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in Grammys Performance: ‘No Hate!’

Katy Perry has said her new song, “Chained to the Rhythm,” contains layers. Is it about fake news? Is it about real hamsters grubbing on mini-meals, as they do in the song’s lyric video? At the 2017 Grammys, we learned it’s about Katy Perry no longer being wide awake, but full-caffeinated woke. She debuted the song with a political statement, borrowing a white pantsuit from Hillary Clinton’s closet and wearing an armband with the word “Persist” on it, in honor of Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to be silenced by the Senate. Standing in front of a “We the People” backdrop, she shifted her message from subtext to in your face: “No hate!”

Katy Perry Pays Homage to Clinton, Warren at 2017 Grammys