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The girls of Girls. Photo: HBO

Be honest: How much do you really know about Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna? With the sixth and final season of Girls underway, take Vulture’s superfan quiz to prove your expertise.

Girls Quiz

Hannah is originally from Michigan. What’s her hometown?
In which play did Adam make his Broadway debut?
Which of the Girls was not originally conceived as a significant character?
Before creating Girls, Lena Dunham made two feature films. One was Tiny Furniture; the other was
According to Hannah, what did Ray not do until he was 20?
Laird and Caroline’s daughter is named for both Jessa and Hannah. She also has two middle names, which are
This longtime New Yorker cartoonist works as a writer/producer on the show.
Which now-famous comedian auditioned to play Shoshanna, but didn’t get the role?
What was the name of Charlie’s app?
The University of Iowa wouldn’t let Girls film on campus. Which New York college filled in for it?
In season three, Shoshanna says her ____ collection “is, like, my most developed collection."
Which Girls guest star won an Emmy despite not initially being a nominee?
Judd Apatow is a producer of Girls, and Lena Dunham appeared in a small role in this film he directed:
Marnie is such a big fan of ____ that “it’s basically why [she] moved to New York."
Some of the vintage clothing on Girls was sourced from a shop owned by which cast member’s mom?
In the “Beach House" episode, the Girls do a choreographed dance routine to what Harry Nilsson song?
Jessa went to rehab because she was addicted to
Jesse Peretz, an alum of this alt-rock band, directed an episode of Girls named after one of its most famous songs.
Which of the Girls wrote a book of poems about a high-school friend who died in a car crash?
In a season five episode, Dill asks Elijah if he wants to meet this fashion designer — who was also Lena Dunham’s childhood babysitter.
In an attempt to resuscitate her relationship with Adam in season three, Hannah devises an elaborate role-play in which she’s a
Hannah’s apartment is located in this Brooklyn neighborhood.
Lena Dunham says she once chose a filming location solely because it was graffitied with this word.
This man, who is married to a Girls guest star, officiated Allison Williams’s real-life wedding.
Which of these sexual pairings HASN’T happened?
Which Girls guest star got cast after shadowing a director on set?
Shoshanna’s NYU graduation was derailed after she unexpectedly failed this class.
Lena Dunham’s sibling, Grace, cameoed on the show twice as
Of the four Girls, noted Lena Dunham-pal Taylor Swift says she’s a
All four Girls guest-starred on The Simpsons. What was the title of their episode?
Charlie and Marnie first met at this event at Oberlin.
All three of the leads in this movie were guest stars on Girls.
In season three, Adam gives Hannah a necklace with this charm:
Lena Dunham was the first woman to ever win this award, for Girls’ pilot.
Which of these characters HASN’T worked at Café Grumpy?
What’s the name of the artist who hires Jessa to help her commit suicide?
Aside from Lena Dunham, who is the only Girls cast member to direct an episode of the show?
What’s the name of the xoJane-esque website for which Hannah writes an article about doing coke?
What is the lowest-ranking technology on Marnie’s “totem of chat"?
In Tokyo, Shoshanna and her office fling Yoshi go to a concert featuring this all-girl band.
Which character's wardrobe was based on the clothes they wear in real life?
Prior to marrying Marnie, Desi had __ other fiancées.
In addition to alliterative first and last names (i.e. Marnie Michaels), the main characters all have alliterative middle names. They are
Hannah’s boss isn’t pleased after she assigns this Philip Roth book to her young students:
This movie star said that she would love to cameo on the show, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Both Jessa and Thomas-John have told Marnie she looks like this celebrity.
The first chapter of Hannah’s never-published ebook is about a hand job that involved
The school where Hannah teaches is roughly based on ____, the real-life NYC school where Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke met.
Which of the characters is a former fat kid?
After the show ends, Lena Dunham has said she’d like to return for a movie about the Girls when they’re
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