Here’s the Moonlight Soundtrack Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed

Alex R. Hibbert in Moonlight Photo: Photo by David Bornfriend

Among Moonlight’s many and sundry virtues, including its gorgeous cinematography, glorious acting, and restrained, nuanced script, there is one virtue that has been largely under-discussed: its soundtrack. Well here’s our chance, because as we wait to see which of eight potential Academy Awards Barry Jenkins’s beautiful film will net on Sunday, we can check out a chopped and screwed remix of the soundtrack. Like any good remix, Purple Moonlight by OG Ron C and the Chopstars, not only gives these songs a different spin but also helps you appreciate the original tracks, too. “Chopped and screwed” is a remix technique first pioneered in the Houston hip-hop scene of the early 1990s. Its style, also sometimes called “codeine effect,” favors slowed-down beats, moments of “stopped time,” and beat skipping. Check out the remixes below — including takes on Aretha Franklin and Goodie Mob — and cross your fingers for some Moonlight Oscar magic come Sunday.

The Moonlight Soundtrack Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed