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Jake Tapper Takes a Break From Hosting the News to Bring Michael Flynn News on Conan

CNN’s Jake Tapper took a break from his epic Sisyphus-like effort to pull a plain-spoken, factual quote from President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway (as documented on SNL) to drop by Conan on Tuesday night. So did he get a chance to partake in some absurd Conan O’Brien shenanigans? Or maybe get roasted by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? Nope, he went ahead and did what he always does: explain the news. While responding to the sobering question of when President Trump knew what about resigned National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s phone call with Russia, Tapper did offer a bit of a zinger though: “Usually, we get into the ‘What did the president know, and when did he know it?’ bit of a presidency late in the second term, and not four weeks out. But, you know, he’s doing things differently.” Ha. Ha.

Jake Tapper Brings Michael Flynn News From CNN to Conan