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Jake Tapper Has a One-Word Response to SNL’s Unhinged Fatal Attraction Sketch

Maybe you enjoyed Saturday Night Live’s sketch about Kellyanne Conway that was inspired by the classic psychological-horror extravaganza Fatal Attraction; maybe you didn’t. That’s your prerogative! Either way, CNN’s Jake Tapper — the Michael Douglas, a.k.a. the Dan Gallagher, in this situation — has weighed in on his enjoyment of the digital short, and by the looks of it, he wasn’t particularly attracted to the whole idea.

He does ultimately have a sense of humor about the whole thing, though. When asked by a fellow tweeter what he thinks of SNL as a whole, he responded: “Funny!” And in another Twitter correspondence, he jokingly lamented that his receding hairline on the show “may have been going more for a comment on my enormous forehead — it’s an 8head really.” We’re sure Kellyanne has a few thoughts she’s waiting to share.

Jake Tapper Has a Response to SNL’s Fatal Attraction Sketch