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Jimmy Fallon Messing Up Trump’s Hair Was Bad, But Seth Meyers Admits He’s the One to Blame for the Election Results

Remember that time Jimmy Fallon tried to be annoyingly inoffensive and decided to mess up Donald Trump’s hair on television instead of asking him hard-hitting questions? After joking that he never heard about that bit — or the resulting backlash that accused Fallon of helping Trump get elected — Seth Meyers says he’s actually the comedian to blame for the current administration. Seth discusses his long-gestating beef with the new president, and then comes out with his admission of guilt. “I’m so insulted by [Fallon’s backlash] because I am the reason he won,” he says, recalling his jokes at Trump’s expense at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner all those years ago. “I made fun of him in 2011, that’s the night he decided to run. I kicked the hornet’s nest! You just rubbed the hornet’s head. Both bad!”

Fallon, Meyers Discuss Infamous Trump Hair-Petting Incident