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Jimmy Kimmel Gives His Play-by-Play of Last Night’s Best Picture Mix-up, Revealing the Oscars’ True Hero: Denzel Washington

“I’m standing there like an idiot, feeling bad for these guys but also trying not to laugh, to be honest with you.” Just like you, Jimmy Kimmel will admit that he locked up during last night’s Best Picture Oscar snafu. America might still be frozen in that incredibly awkward moment in time, eyes like little dehydrated crab apples, joints aching, jaws agape, if it weren’t for the helpful screams of Denzel Washington, who directed Kimmel to grab Moonlight director Barry Jenkins and steer him toward the microphone for his acceptance speech. “Thank God Denzel was there to make sense!” Kimmel concludes. Sounds like Denzel deserves all the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons Kimmel should have stuffed in those envelopes.

Relive the now-infamous moment below:

Jimmy Kimmel Says Denzel Washington Was Oscar Mix-up Hero