Jo Firestone Makes the Perfect Betsy DeVos on ‘The Tonight Show’

Back in December, The Tonight Show hired four new writers to its staff, and if you were curious what kind of comedy they might bring to the show, look no further than this clip from last night written by Colin Elzie and Sage Boggs and starring the wonderful Jo Firestone as Trump’s new and terrifyingly incompetent Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. “From here on out, every school will be switching to a pamphlet-based education system,” she says. “Take the history pamphlet – it tells how the dinosaurs fought the Vikings then went on to form the band America, which had great hits like ‘A Horse with No Name.’ But I actually know the horse’s name – it’s Cinnamon! I love Cinnamon!” More of this, please, Tonight Show.

Jo Firestone Makes the Perfect Betsy DeVos on ‘The […]