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Joel McHale Sliced His Fingertip Off While Filming The Great Indoors, So How’s That for Roughing It?

Joel McHale plays an outdoorsy tough guy on The Great Indoors, which is honestly more context than you need to appreciate the gruesomeness to follow, but it does explain what he was doing with a knife he couldn’t handle. While rehearsing a blade-centric scene of the CBS sitcom, McHale, having gone method, choosing a sharp instrument over the dull option available, inadvertently opened the knife inside of his pocket and promptly made hibachi with his fingertip. What followed was a gratuitous outpouring of blood, so much so that it wasn’t just McHale getting woozy in the aftermath. As the delightful aphorism goes: Fake it ’til you make it, or ’til you detach your fingerpad from its chosen berth.

Joel McHale Cut a Fingertip Off Filming The Great Indoors