John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Talk Trump, Immigration, and More on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with John Oliver about the return of his HBO show and the political mess the US is in right now thanks to our new president. “It feels like his inauguration day was 114 years ago,” Oliver says. “We have a long way to go. It’s easy to be angry on adrenaline, but it is much, much harder when you are just tired. And this is going to be exhausting.” Oliver admits he’s a little worried about his immigration status since he’s a green card holder, but at the same time, he finds the terrible new executive order to be a rich move coming from someone like Trump: “Things are not what they were supposed to be. We held up Afghan and Iraqi translators at the border who have bled for a country they never visited, have sacrificed family members for this country. This president has done neither of those things, so it’s a little hard to swallow him telling people whether they should be a benefit to America or not.”

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Talk Trump, […]