Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Rifles Through the Dossier on America’s New Bestie Vladimir Putin

It’s good to know a little bit about a person before you and your nation begin an international friendship with him, so Late Week Tonight With John Oliver opened the dossier on Russian president Vladimir Putin last night to see if, as President Trump has repeatedly insisted, it really would be nice if we could all just get along. Unfortunately, while other dossiers might have a few fun anecdotes about, say, allegations of an elaborate golden shower, Putin’s personal profile is made up of the persecution of journalists, prison time for protesters, and propaganda against the LGBTQ community. On the other hand, Putin did allegedly find two ancient vases on the bottom of the sea. Bet your best friend can’t say that. Unless, of course, he or she just decided to lie about it, in which case, they can say it all day long, ad nauseam.

John Oliver Rifles Through the Dossier on Vladimir Putin