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Jon Stewart Advises the Media How to Break Up With Bad Boyfriend Donald Trump

Hi, media, are you feeling down cause that guy you are were obsessed with keeps telling everybody that you’re the “enemy of the American people” and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer bars you from coming over and talking it out? Jon Stewart sees you in pain and is willing to take a break from chilling with the spiders on his farm to tunnel over to the Late Show and help you, yes, you, media, “get your groove back.” He’s got a system for leaving that toxic love affair with President Donald Trump, and nothing will stop him from getting real with you, even if it comes at the expense of CBS firing his buddy Stephen Colbert. “Media, I’m not saying the breakup is going to be easy,” Stewart warns. “You’re going to see your ex swiping far right with every Tom, Drudge, and Breitbart, and from what I heard, they do anal.”

Jon Stewart Advises Media to Dump Bad Boyfriend Trump