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Jon Stewart Reveals Donald Trump’s Next Executive Orders to Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart arrived in the latest menswear fashion inspired by President Trump (too-long tie, dead animal on head), when he dropped by The Late Show to commiserate with Stephen Colbert over the president’s most recent executive orders. “It has been 11 days, Stephen. Eleven f—ing days,” Stewart said, before revealing that he had Trump’s next executive orders. Pulling a prop decree from behind Colbert’s desk, Stewart read the commander-in-chief’s next order: “To secure our border, China shall immediately and without hesitation send us their wall. Done. Boom.” Since Trump has been quite good at keeping his campaign promises, this idea also includes a solution for how to convince Mexico to pay for the wall: “When the wall arrives at the southern border, we shut the lights, we pretend we’re not home. It’s C.O.D., Mexico has to pay for it. Boom — they pay for it. Done.” This being the president who signed 20 executive orders in ten days, there’s more where that came from.

Jon Stewart Bashes Trump’s Executive Orders