Josh Gad Sings ‘You’re Making Things Up Again Conway’ in Response to Fake ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

Josh Gad.

On Friday morning, all-American prophet Josh Gad responded to a fan request on Twitter and wrote a song in response to Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s made-up “Bowling Green Massacre.” In case none of those words make sense to you, allow us to catch you up: During a Thursday night interview with Chris Matthews, Conway cited a nonexistent “massacre” in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to justify the travel ban on refugees.

No stranger to making things up, Gad tweeted a video of himself singing a reply, tweeting the caption, “I’m a man of my word. (NSFW). Enjoy before the state department pulls it down.” The song, which is surprisingly catchy, tells Conway, “you’re taking our language and vomiting horseshit.” We can only hope Conway has a musical retort.

Josh Gad Sings a Response to Kellyanne Conway