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Julie’s Greenroom Trailer: Julie Andrews Is Bringing Her Puppets to Netflix to Educate the Youths

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start: Julie Andrews has a very charming new television show on Netflix called Julie’s Greenroom (but really, when is anything that Julie Andrews does not charming?) that’s an educational program aimed at preschoolers to teach them all about “the magic of the performing arts.” Along for the ride are her posse of original Jim Henson Company puppet “Greenies” and an enthusiastic assistant named Gus, not to mention a ton of celebrity guests (Alec Baldwin! Tituss Burgess! Carol Burnett!) who are more than a little excited to be in the same room as Julie Goddamn Andrews. Tell everyone you know that the show will be premiering on March 17. The hills are alive with the sound of fangirls screaming!

Julie Andrews Brings Puppets to Netflix in Julie’s Greenroom