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Kate Nash Goes After Snapchat for Using Her Music Without Her Permission

Kate Nash. Photo: Instagram

Kate Nash is calling out Snapchat after discovering that the service uses her song “Foundations” over one of its filters. Nash says she didn’t authorize Snapchat playing the song and, not having been on a record label for five years, is not receiving payment for the song’s use. Taking to Instagram, she made a colorful argument: “HI SNAPCHAT it’s KATE NASH I can barely hear myself here on this filter over MY OWN SONG FOUNDATIONS. You know it well. So uhh SHOW ME THE MONEY MATE 💰?!???????? Haven’t been on a record label for 5 years & would really appreciate being paid for the use of my work by a giant corporation!!” Nash contextualized the issue as part of a problem with the way music rights fail artists, continuing, “This is seriously disappointing and fucked up. Another example of a giant corporate company using artists to make money/for an image/or their actual art and not supporting or funding artists and their community in anyway.” Nothing merry happy ’bout that.

Kate Nash Slams Snapchat Using Her Music Without Permission