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Kristen Stewart Drops a Live F-Bomb, Mocks Donald Trump, and Announces That She’s ‘So Gay, Dude’ in Grand Trifecta SNL Monologue

Kristen Stewart made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, and while some might want a gentle go-out for their first attempt, Stewart did not. Instead, she went hit-for-hit in memorable monologue moments: First, she mocked Donald Trump and his obsession with the once-great power couple “Robsten”; then, in more deliberate language than she usually uses to describe her sexuality, she gleefully told the president that she’s “so gay, dude;” and, to cap things off, she dropped an F-bomb on live television, the likes of which have not been seen in Studio 8H since the days of Jenny Slate, because why the fuck not? Okay, that last bit was an accident, but still, fitting. The most memorable part of Kristen Stewart’s memorable SNL monologue, though? That it wasn’t the most memorable part of the show.

Kristen Stewart Drops Live F-Bomb, Mocks Donald Trump on SNL