Lady Gaga Album Sales Soared 1,000 Percent on Super Bowl Sunday

Lady Gaga has given you a million reasons to buy her albums, but it looks like you just needed one good one to pay. (One good one being her decision to dangle like a beautiful fishing lure into Houston’s NRG Stadium.) While die-hard little monsters snapped up the singer’s most recent album when it debuted in October of last year, Billboard reports that Gaga received a 1,000 percent increase in sales yesterday. According to Nielsen Music, consumers purchased approximately 150,000 digital albums and songs yesterday compared to 15,000 the day before. Sales of her albums Joanne and The Fame Monster both got that halftime show bump, with her single “Million Reasons” being her most downloaded song at roughly 45,000 downloads, up almost 900 percent compared to 5,000 on Saturday. If there were a way to calculate how many times it was quietly sung under someone’s breath while they cleaned out their locker, Gaga’s numbers would be through (and plummeting from) the roof.

Lady Gaga Album Sales Soared 1,000% on Super Bowl Sunday