‘Lasagna Cat’ Returns to the Internet After Nine Years Away

If you miss the old Lasagna Cat YouTube shorts, today is your lucky day, because after a nine-year absence, this week Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max AKA Fatal Farm uploaded a brand new video called “1 (800) 591-3274” teasing Lasagna Cat’s return…in the form of a telephone sex survey: “Wait, so this webisode mashup series that hasn’t posted videos in nearly a decade suddenly has a 1-800 number and needs the names and sexual histories of random people from the internet? Why?” Don’t ask questions – just call the number. Although the teaser gives some hints, only time will tell what we can expect from Lasagna Cat over the coming months, so for now, head over to the series’ YouTube channel to browse through their older videos.

‘Lasagna Cat’ Returns to the Internet After Nine Years […]