Late Night Celebrates the Long, Storied National-Security-Advising Career of Michael Flynn

As Seth Meyers points out on Tuesday’s Late Night, now-former national security adviser Michael Flynn only served 24 days in the role, the briefest tenure in the history of the position’s existence, before resigning in the face of allegations that he misled Vice-President Mike Pence and other members of Trump’s administration about the nature of his conversations with Russian officials prior to Trump’s inauguration. That said, how many days have you served as national security adviser to President Donald Trump? How about any other president? Oh, none? Not even one? So it would be accurate to say Flynn served infinitely more days as national security adviser than you ever have. Someone needs to get a math adviser in here to check these numbers out, but either way, 24 days ain’t nothing.

Late Night Reviews Michael Flynn’s Security-Advising Career