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Late Night Will See Your Manchester by the Sea and Raise You Oscar Bait the Movie

The jury is still out on whether “Oscar bait” has any intrinsic value as a term, but that’s only because the jury is crying so hard they can’t leave their beautiful little sons or escape that doomed bus they’re about to crash, a tragedy that will haunt them forever. Late Night With Seth Meyers riffs on the emotional manipulativeness of award-season weepies, with a fake trailer for the film Oscar Bait, a movie that would seem to be Manchester by the Sea, Birdman, and every David O. Russell film ever made, with a few grains of Moonlight’s beach scene sprinkled on top. Oh, and Carol’s there. You remember her, from Carol? You might not have noticed through your terrible, painful sobs, but she’s there too.

Late Night Debuts the Fake Trailer for Oscar Bait the Film