Lego Is Making a Women of NASA Set, So How Long Until The Lego Hidden Figures Movie?

Amazing. Photo: Hopper Stone/Fox 2000

Further jettisoning gender stereotypes, Lego has announced the winner of its 2016 Lego Ideas competition will be a set inspired by the Women of NASA. The collection was created by Maia Weinstock, a science editor and writer who wanted to highlight the crucial contributions of women to the space program and make STEM jobs appealing to young girls. To represent little plastic pieces of history, she chose Mae Jemison, Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Grace Roman, Sally Ride, and Katherine Johnson as figures in the set, which might debut sometime either later this year or in 2018. Johnson, of course, is the woman whose true story of overcoming racial segregation to become vital in crunching the math that launched John Glenn into space inspired Hidden Figures. She recently got a standing ovation at the Oscars; prepare for round two after the inevitable The Lego Hidden Figures Movie.

Photo: @20tauri
Lego Is Making a Hidden Figures-Inspired Women of NASA Set