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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tweets Take You (and His Mom) Behind the Scenes at the Oscar Nominees’ Luncheon

Photo: Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

Anyone pursuing a career in the arts fantasizes that, one day, he or she will have a definitive marker of success he or she can show his or her mom and declare, “See, Mom? This was a valid life choice.” Lin-Manuel Miranda has already had that moment 1 million times over, so Monday’s Oscar nominees’ luncheon was just a fun day for his mom to get a nice meal and meet Steven Spielberg. The Tony-winning Best Original Song nominee was downright giddy as he treated his Twitter users to a peek at how the Oscar-nominee sausage is made. Turns out, it’s way less gross than the regular sausage process. Plus Matt Damon is there, which is not something most sausage factories can boast.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets the Oscar Nominees’ Luncheon