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Mark Duplass Strongly Urges Academy Members to Vote for Moonlight

Moonlight. Photo: A24/IMDB

Mark Duplass (Togetherness) recently urged Academy members to vote for Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight for Best Picture, tweeting, “Dear @TheAcademy Voters. Think about what it would mean if @moonlightmov won Best Picture. Then vote for it bc it’s the best film this year.”

In an open letter via Deadline, Duplass expanded on his plea, saying it’s “impossible to get a movie like this made in today’s indie film ecosystem.” He calls it “a beautiful, sweet, open love letter to the core human values that connect us all.” Duplass probably already knows the word on the street is that La La Land is a shoo-in for Best Picture, despite its somewhat racially tone-deaf premise, but this year he’s hoping Academy members won’t overlook an important film, or as he wrote, “a small but sturdy bridge in our extremely divided times.” Read the entirety of his open letter here.

Mark Duplass Urges Academy Members to Vote for Moonlight