Martin Shkreli Was Going to Host a Wu-Tang Listening Party, But the Venue Dropped Him

Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Well, this is awkward. On Monday evening, infamous pharmaceuticals price gouger Martin Shkreli announced via his Facebook page that he would be hosting an event at New York City’s Webster Hall that would serve as a combination listening party and public policy discussion. The Eventbrite listing for An Evening With Martin Shkreli said Shkreli would “discuss investing, healthcare and politics in a presentation/lecture format for one hour and will take questions.” He also promised to pose for photos with attendees and play tracks from his “unreleased music collection,” which includes the Wu-Tang album he purchased at the end of 2015. Just two days later, however, Pitchfork is reporting that Webster Hall will no longer house the event, with a rep saying, “Officially, it is not happening.” The Eventbrite link is still live, though the location of the event has been removed, and tickets are available. So an evening with the guy who threatened to beat the hell out of Chris Evans could still be happening at another venue. Shkreli confirmed the turn of events on his Facebook page, saying, “Webster Hall has cancelled the 2/20 event,” and “It’s sad that a couple of threats can cancel a 500 person event people wanted to go to …”

In Shkreli’s original announcement, he said, “Buy your tickets. Chill with me and listen to the Wu Tang album. Prices for the tickets are likely to rise exponentially.” Captain America’s nemesis, of course, entered the spotlight after he raised the price of the prescription drug Daraprim 4,000 percent — from $18 to $750 per pill — essentially overnight. So if there’s anyone who knows how to obscenely raise the price of a supply based on consumer demand, it’s definitely this guy.

Update, February 16: A source with knowledge of the situation tells Vulture that the event Shkreli rented out Webster Hall to host was unofficial and unauthorized because Webster Hall exclusively uses Ticketweb for all ticketing, not Eventbrite. The event was canceled accordingly.

Martin Shkreli Got Canceled by Webster Hall