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This Time, Matt Damon Made It Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live Disguised As Tom Brady

Sometimes hiding inside the undoubtedly cramped fat suit of Ben Affleck to crash Jimmy Kimmel’s set just isn’t enough. For Matt Damon’s latest sneak attack in his ongoing lover’s quarrel with Kimmel, he went it alone — somehow thwarting Jimmy Kimmel Live’s security by going incognito in the role he was born to play: Tom Brady. Just a day after his team won the Super Bowl in historic fashion, Damon took a victory lap all the way to Kimmel to rub it in. “God hates Jimmy so much that he just made all this happen,” Damon told Rich Eisen after being dragged off the stage, again. If ever Ryan Murphy needs ideas for future installments of Feud, these are your guys.

Matt Damon Made It Onto Kimmel Disguised As Tom Brady