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Matt Reeves Reportedly Joins Ben Affleck in Not Wanting to Direct The Batman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Photo: Warner Bros.

Batman is used to the people he loves leaving him, but all of this toying with a vengeful orphan’s heart is getting out of hand. After reportedly coming close to being the scowl behind the scowl, Matt Reeves will likely not direct The Batman after all. According to THR, Reeves exited talks after negotiations broke down, though the outlet notes that it is possible for discussions to potentially reopen once cooler, non-Batman-y heads prevail. The standoff comes as the latest setback in The Batman’s beleaguered production — par for the DC course — after Ben Affleck backed out of directing the film himself, allegedly to focus on acting in it, only for rumors to surface that he’s itching to shrug off that cape as well. [Silently grits teeth in a Batman way.]

Matt Reeves Joins Ben Affleck in Not Directing The Batman