Please Behold Migos Literally Counting Money Next to Dead Presidents in Their ‘Deadz’ Video

It may not be directed by Andrea Arnold (someday), but Migos’ video for “Deadz” is a cinematic achievement as mesmerizing as their last. A couple decades ago, Jay Z wrote a song called “Dead Presidents” (and its sequels), which used a sample of Nas talking about the enduring legacy of white wealth as exemplified by the faces of dead white presidents on our country’s bills. That entire indictment has now come full circle courtesy of the Migos. Behold: Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff shoving their own stacks of dead presidents in the faces of literal dead presidents and Benjamin Franklin in coffins. Forget Daniel Day-Lewis and just hand Migos the Oscar for best presidential biopic. May the Migos never know a day without this much unabashed opulence.

Migos Count Money Next to Dead Presidents in ‘Deadz’ Video