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Milo Ventimiglia Wants to Mentally Prepare You for Tonight’s Extra-Emotional This Is Us Episode

Very considerate fatherly figure Milo Ventimiglia wants you, yes you, to begin to prepare yourself for tonight’s episode of This Is Us, because it appears we’re going to be in for a monumental hour of television. (Either that, or Papa Pearson is trolling us hard.) As if the show isn’t regularly tear-inducing enough, Ventimiglia posted a selfie on Twitter that doubles as a sick note in case you simply can’t live your lives tomorrow: “Dear Sir/Madame, Please excuse ___ from school/work today, Wednesday. Last night was a very emotional episode of This Is Us. Thank you. Papa Pearson.” So, who dies?! And is Milo physically incapable of writing a capital E correctly? Start speculating now.

Milo Ventimiglia Prepares You for Tonight’s Crazy This Is Us