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Moby, Yes Moby, Claims to Have Secret Intelligence Info on Trump

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

All the distressed Democrats out there can kick back and relax, because the minority party has a plan for regime change in Washington, D.C. How do we know this? Moby, of course. The DJ, activist, and proud vegan is claiming to have insider information about what anti-Trumpers in the Beltway and beyond are doing to long-con the new commander-in-chief out of office. He’s not naming any sources, but according to the electronic-music performer, everything you read in that salacious dossier from a former British spy is true, and there’s a secret widespread movement to get Trump impeached. Since social media is where all the big influencers break news of national import these days, it’s unsurprising that you can find Moby’s Deep Throat–esque revelations on Instagram. Print this out and save it for posterity should the world crumble sometime in the next four years.

Moby, Yes Moby, Claims to Have Secret Intelligence on Trump