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Hallelujah! Moonlight’s Men Modeled for Calvin Klein

Mahershala Ali. Photo: Calvin Klein

We are gathered here today to talk about some very immaculate photographs. Moonlight took home the top Oscar at the Academy Awards (along with Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay), and three of the men in its cast (along with 12-year-old star Alex R. Hibbert) have blessed the internet with a photo shoot for Calvin Klein Underwear. Behold: (Oscar-winner/crush/new dad) Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, and Ashton Sanders stripped down for CK, while Hibbert chills in a black T-shirt. During the shoot, the youngest Moonlight lead was asked who among his castmates was the most stylish: “I am,” Hibbert clarified, and Ali agreed. “He is,” the Oscar-winner said. “It’s true.”

Trevante Rhodes. Photo: Calvin Klein

Director Barry Jenkins famously decided against giving the lead character Chiron a sex scene after the movie’s climax; Moonlight is a movie about how black men could be vulnerable and tender, not just sexual. But now, though we are not worthy, Calvin Klein has given us this photo of Rhodes, lounging in a pair of briefs. And whew: [Redacted.]

Hallelujah! Moonlight’s Men Modeled for Calvin Klein