New Marvel’s Iron Fist Featurette Explains Danny Rand’s Origin Story, Specifically Why He’s So Goddamn Good at Punching

Danny Rand is here to punch ass and chew bubblegum, and in New York you can do both 24/7 and enjoy a dollar slice on the way home. In Netflix’s new Marvel’s Iron Fist featurette, the show’s star Finn Jones explains the tragic plane crash that ultimately brought the series’ protagonist face-to-face with his crime-fighting fate, as well as the genesis of his preternaturally superior fighting abilities. Upon arriving back in the States, Rand learns there is a malevolent conspiracy afoot in the Big Apple. Fortunately for you, starting on March 17, he will need to punch a whole lot of things in order to bring it to its knees. Only in New York!

New Iron Fist Featurette Explores Danny Rand’s Origin Story