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Oliver Stone Calls News Story That Russia Might Extradite Edward Snowden ‘Ridiculous’

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With all of the news in the past month under President Trump, and particularly news with a Russian element, it’d be understandable if you missed the NBC News report earlier in February that alleged Russia was considering “returning Edward Snowden [to America] as a ‘gift’ to President Trump.” Luckily, someone very well-versed in the NSA leaker’s situation, Snowden director Oliver Stone, doesn’t think the story holds any water. Deadline reports that when Stone was asked about the story at the WGA Awards on Sunday, he answered, “That ridiculous story?! Let’s not indulge in fake news. It’s bullshit. And this anti-Russia thing is bullshit.” So, it sounds like we won’t be seeing a Snowden sequel anytime soon.

Oliver Stone Discredits Story of Russia Extraditing Snowden