oscars 2017

Join Vulture’s 2017 Oscars Live Blog With Critics David Edelstein and Emily Yoshida

Oscars, baby!

Awards season starts earlier and earlier every year — Vulture’s first post about the race was published last August — but now it’s finally come to its conclusion. The Oscars are here!

Unlike last year, where the Best Picture race was up in the air until the night’s final minutes, Sunday’s Oscars conversation will be focused largely on one film. How many trophies will La La Land take home? Will it win all of the awards, or merely some of them? To answer those questions, turn to Vulture film critics David Edelstein and Emily Yoshida, who will be debating each other — and you, if you’re lucky — in our Oscars live-blog all night long, starting 8 p.m. Sunday. Like Emma Stone says, here’s to the ones who blog.

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