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Pamela Anderson Certainly Seems Fine With You Believing That She and Julian Assange Are Romantically Involved

Pamela Anderson on her way to pay Julian Assange a visit. Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange have been, shall we say, associates for months, but is there perhaps something more to the relationship than unwelcome veganism? Like say, a relationship? Anderson sure seems happy to have you believe so. The actress alludes to rumors of romance between herself and the WikiLeaks founder in a post on her website, making big with suggestive language and plausibly deniable implications. “I feel a genuine closeness to Julian. I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex husbands and lovers combined. Our intentions were not to become romantic, but to join forces. The rumors are flattering,” she writes. All of which, if you pore through the Kid Rock shade and nebulous imperfect verbs, sounds kind of, sort of, like a denial? But then there’s this: “I think I might have what it takes to be an effective First Lady. If I had to chose a World Leader to stand beside and support whole heartedly it would be Julian Assange.” Soooo … she’s not willing to commit to anything, unless she’s playing Ingrid Bergman to Assange’s Victor Laszlo, in which case she will commit to marriage. Got it.

Pamela Anderson Adds Fuel to the Julian Assange Romance Fire